Wishing I could stop time right here and keep him with me forever. As it may be time will keep passing and his future awaits. Is it to early to have that cliche about an empty nest I think not, its merely the fact that he has been my companion for a long time. Lately the thought of him growing up and leaving to become what he must is weighing heavy and its hard to keep a dry eye. Its not like I have not been here before, I have a few times. Maybe its because he is the last to go and maybe I will have to find my own way. For so many years I have made him my business and the reason for so many things in my life. Wishing I could stop time right here for awhile...

Sweet little lies......

If I had not seen it with my own eyes I might find it hard to believe but the truth must be told. White little lies,  witholding information or just altering the truth can be just as damaging as a Story of some event that never happened.So anyway! What are stories? We make up stories for many reasons, Do they really hurt anyone? For those who may be involved  lets just call this a story.

So as the story goes...
One day a certain little angel was visiting and I cant say what angel it was on the grounds of  incriminating myself, but she was over the house filling my life with pure and utter joy. Grandma can I have this and grandma can I have that until I could no longer resist, her request for every whim, her hearts desires, would be filled. Now if you have grandchildren you will understand what I mean when I say this... I have no need to say no to these angels it would go against every grandmothers rule. I have lived this long for a reason and that reason would be to grant their little hearts desires. So, yes this story is about one of the angels you see here.
   and so
the little angel made a wish...
She wanted something that had been forbidden, not forbidden by me of course but by her parents...
Now I know that this will cause some people to question is this right or is this wrong but when it comes to grandmas house you know the saying right?
So the little angel requested a BaBa which translated means bottle. So it was my duty to grant her wish
and the angel was so happy and felt so loved. Mission accomplished!

But what the story is really about is what happened after.

It would only be right for me to take responsiblity for my actions knowing that this little angels parents would not approve I made sure I washed and put it away so that there would be no signs that this darling little angel had partaken in the forbidden baba. I covered my tracks. But what I wasnt expecting is what happen next. Throught the door came one of the parents.....
So happy to see her Daddy she ran to him with arms open wide with kisses and huggs the kind you can never get enough of and out of her little mouth she said to him "DADDY I DIDNT DRINK ANY BABA's.
My dear Kathleen if only I had your graceful words and insight to see only the good in people I would be a happy soul. However it must be true that happy endings do happen and how lucky am I to have a happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Most Beautiful People in the World just happen to be right here...

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Grandmothers are just Cool...

I should know right. I had the coolest grandmother. She was the light in a very dark tunnel. I can say that I might not even have been here if it had not been for her. I love you grandma...

Ursula Marie Visconti

I am not sure how old she is in this picutre. Its really old and now I dont want to take it out of the frame because it may create more damage to it. Looking at it I wanna say she was in her late teens. She was in a car accident when she was around eighteen that left her with a scar on her forhead that was very noticeable with out bangs and I dont see it in the picture so this picture had to be taken before the accident. I can see the resemblance in my sister and this photo.
Missing my grandmother so much lately. This music reminds me of her and I cant even say why. She has been gone several years now but that longing never really goes away. She lives on in my heart and I  feel lucky to have had what time I did with her. Being the oldest grandchild I had the chance to see her in her young age (well young to me anyway). She was energetic and loved the good things in life. She always said she was a city girl so if you can imagine a city girl marrying a country boy that was her relationship with my grandfather. She was to sophisticated for him but none the less she stayed with him. We never really got to know her family because she came from Boston and my grandfather moved her out here to California when their children were young. But I hold her stories close to my heart. Her stories have a vivid picture in my mind of a place far far away from the world I know. In her last days here on earth I seen how she suffered and it scared me. Its hard to explain just what was going on with her. She was up in age and sick most of the time her heart was failing and other ailments taking hold of her body. The last few days are the ones that stick with me. She stopped eating and the doctor had her so sedated that she would just sleep but when she would wake up she freaked me out. When she would wake up she would start to reach out for my hand and keep calling for me like she was scared. I had never seen her like that before and it scared me but I would just grab her hand and hold it as tight as i could and tell her I was with her and she was okay. After a few minutes of this squirming and calling my name she would fall back to sleep and peace would come to her again. I wondered why this was happening to her for the longest time. I came to my own conclusions about this.  I am not sure others will agree with it but does it really matter. Maybe it does matter maybe it doesn't  What I do know for sure is I have found no other person that measures to the sophistication of my grandmother. She was loved and still is.

What is it?

Okay so your wondering what is it...well its the hubby and his wonderful wife (quoting Alanis Morisette ) yes I said it... his wonderful wife! hahaha  As we walked the pier in Santa Monica a little man with a ball of clay and a few tools created these images, they are about 8 inches in height and 10 inches in length. The questions is what do I do with them now.

In my Dreams...

In his Dreams...

Our Weekend getaway

It was just one of those weekends when you get in the car and drive. We ended up on Santa Monica Beach and I had to get some pictures of the beautiful lush foliage that grows there. If only it would grow like that at home. Oh well that's how it goes.  It was a little overcast but still just lovely weather. We walked the pier and watched all the street performers and then later that evening we headed over to West Hollywood. My little musician had to stop at Guitar Center in Hollywood to see the famous guitars on display of some of his favorite musicians. As for me I love the old Hollywood Glam and I wanted to see some of the historical landmarks of Hollywood and see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, like the the saying goes Hollywood is a state of mind.

Ski and the boys...

One evening last summer while hanging out on the patio the boys decided to give the PaPa a kiss and I was lucky enough to have the camera ready to capture is picture. Ski is the PaPa and has been such a good PaPa to the boys- I am forever grateful.
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