Sweet little lies......

If I had not seen it with my own eyes I might find it hard to believe but the truth must be told. White little lies,  witholding information or just altering the truth can be just as damaging as a Story of some event that never happened.So anyway! What are stories? We make up stories for many reasons, Do they really hurt anyone? For those who may be involved  lets just call this a story.

So as the story goes...
One day a certain little angel was visiting and I cant say what angel it was on the grounds of  incriminating myself, but she was over the house filling my life with pure and utter joy. Grandma can I have this and grandma can I have that until I could no longer resist, her request for every whim, her hearts desires, would be filled. Now if you have grandchildren you will understand what I mean when I say this... I have no need to say no to these angels it would go against every grandmothers rule. I have lived this long for a reason and that reason would be to grant their little hearts desires. So, yes this story is about one of the angels you see here.
   and so
the little angel made a wish...
She wanted something that had been forbidden, not forbidden by me of course but by her parents...
Now I know that this will cause some people to question is this right or is this wrong but when it comes to grandmas house you know the saying right?
So the little angel requested a BaBa which translated means bottle. So it was my duty to grant her wish
and the angel was so happy and felt so loved. Mission accomplished!

But what the story is really about is what happened after.

It would only be right for me to take responsiblity for my actions knowing that this little angels parents would not approve I made sure I washed and put it away so that there would be no signs that this darling little angel had partaken in the forbidden baba. I covered my tracks. But what I wasnt expecting is what happen next. Throught the door came one of the parents.....
So happy to see her Daddy she ran to him with arms open wide with kisses and huggs the kind you can never get enough of and out of her little mouth she said to him "DADDY I DIDNT DRINK ANY BABA's.

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