Have I told you that I love getting
from my Babygirl?
There is something
about getting kisses
all over my face
and trying not to be unappreciative
by wiping the slobber
off that now has
drenched my face.
Kissing has always
been a favorite pass time
of mine ...

ohhhhh........since way back when........

Things that need to be said...

Sisters really are best friends.
If only I could take your pain away little sister

I would in a heartbeat.

Even though you are the little sister
I have always looked up to you.

You are the most amazing woman
I know.
You were such an amazing mom

to your children
and still
you continue to love


When you have to
 guard your heart

your whole entire life....

Its not always easy to love.

I love you!


I am still new at this blog thing
and although I am not sure what a proper blog
should be
I must admit I think I may like this.
It seems like no matter what age you may be
change is
Change comes with both excitement and fear
and having both
at the same time can be abit overwheming
So ..........
here's to the New Year
may it be full of change.

Malissa playing with bows
Arianna singing
ohh-la ohh-la song!
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