Stepping outside the box...

Its overrated thats for sure.
Okay so I have been in class for two weeks and

I dont remember it being soooo
whats the word
Im looking for.......ummmm like kindergarden.

not really but it has made me look at how 
comfortable I have become in my own world.
The way I feel is
I dont want to be put in groups 
and I dont want to share
and that just wont due
if your planning on making changes. By the end of 
the semester I am almost positive
I will have learned
more than just the required text.
Its kinda weird
be in a class of students
that are all your childrens age.
Not one hot guy to look at
after all
thats what we 
used to do right!
Guess I will just have to
concentrate on
the class material.

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Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Hey there Christina, so you're in school now... did I get that right?
Good for you! What are you taking?
Good to see your comment on my blog, thanks!

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